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We recently leased a 39,640 square foot warehouse in Rifle, Colorado in order to process the large amount of harvested material our farms produce into marketable wholesale and retail products.


This location will serve not only as a lab to process the plant material, it will also be used to store hemp material and products in a climate controlled environment. Not to mention, this will serve as AAHC's manufacturing and fulfillment center.

In total, All American Hemp Company owns or leases +/- 1,000 acres of farmland in Colorado, and approximately 92,640 square footage of structures.

These structures include climate controlled greenhouses, hoop houses and warehouse/extraction facilities. AAHC is able to proficiently farm large acreage of land by using “Big Ag Techniques.”

Our Rifle facility is owned and managed by some of the best farmers in the cannabis industry.  Collectively, these experienced farmers possess over 40 years of experience growing cannabis related plants. Additionally, these professionals have the distinct honor of harvesting the largest hemp crop in a single year since 1937.  

All American Hemp grows to organic standards and it starts within the 53,000+ square footage of climate controlled greenhouse and hoop houses in Rifle.  Having this amount of sq. footage allows AAHC to propagate over 50,000 female plants giving them the ability to produce over 3 million clones for their fields.  

AAHC uses best practices and follows strict protocols that are outlined in their proprietary Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to streamline productivity resulting in maximum annual yields.  

By using our proprietary volcanic minerals, AAHC does not use the “crop rotation” method, again maximizing yields on our controlled acreage.  Our SOP’s outline exactly how to manage a hemp farm from seed/clone to harvest eliminating the pitfalls that many new farmers find themselves battling.