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Hemp can be made into fine quality paper. It is the long fibers of hemp which allows the paper to be continuously recycled. What is special about this feature is that the existence of these fibers makes hemp paper so sustainable that it can be recycled several times more than wood-based paper. Another less-costly feature is that just one acre of hemp will produce more paper than the amount of paper produced from the act of chopping down 4 acres of trees.


In addition, Hemp is extremely effective in the removal of heavy metals and radioactive toxins deeply rooted in soil. This fascinating absorbent feature to the hemp plant can


Hemp is proven to be useful for even more areas within society. For instance, it has now been discovered that hemp can be extremely effective for cleaning up oil spills.


It would be a disservice to simply define hemp as weed or pot or any other street drug name applied to marijuana. It becomes quite obvious that CBD is not at all marijuana. This derivative compound of Hemp plants is now serving as an impactful industry, as it’s uses seem endless which is fantastic news for the the Wellness Industry.